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3 號颱風訊號現正懸掛,各門市及安全駕駛中心的服務和課堂包括駕駛訓練將於8號颱風訊號除下後兩小時內恢復正常,請留意天文台及本院網頁發出的最新消息。 
Typhoon signal No. 3 is now hoisted, all services including practical training at our road safety center will be resumed in 2 hours after signal No. 8 is cancelled. Please check the latest news announced by the HK Observatory and our website. 

Students affected by the typhoon signal No. 8 shall be contacted by your respective instructors within 1 week to arrange substitute lessons free of charge. Other classes can be arranged through our self-service on-line booking system one day after the typhoon signal is cancelled. 

For the arrangement of the driving test, please visit the website of the Transport Department


Simulated Computerized Written Test

Are you working hard on the Written Test questions as to get your Driving License?
Try our online test and see how knowledgeable you are on the driving and road safety aspects!

Click the link below and you will be able to measure your proficiency on the written test questions. Each time you click into the test, the computer will randomly select 20 multiple-choice questions.

This is a great warm-up exercise for you to get familiar with the written examination. Come and try!

Simulated Computerized Written Test

For those who have joined the taxi course, you can access the link below to get familiar with the questions.

Simulated Computerized Written Test For Taxi Courses

Test Info.
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