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Advanced Courses

Advanced Post-Licence Riding Course (PLRC)

Your way to enhance as a Smart Rider
To become a smart rider, you must possess excellent riding skills. The advanced Post-Licence Riding Course offered by HKSM is specially designed for licensed motorcyclists to enhance their riding skills.

Safety featured riding:

  • Wide selection of motorcycle in most advanced models*, making practice and technical training more diversified;
  • Equipped with advanced Motorcycle Emergency Reaction Trainer for auxiliary training, you will be taught techniques like emergency braking, swerving, etc. and how to handle crises properly.
  • Throughout the training, professional instructors will teach you riding skills under different environments, such as the advanced techniques of riding on highway and mountainous terrain.
  • Supplemented with theory sessions, your skills and knowledge can be fully developed.
  • Flexibility training modules available to fit your personal interests and needs. With prior arrangements, group of 3-4 friends can practice in same class.
  • Whether you are a fresh or experienced rider, PLRC is your best choice for improving your riding skills.

Auto-motorcycle – Your "In and Trendy" Choice !

Apart from the traditional "manual motorcycle" class, advanced "auto-motorcycle" class is also available for people who have just completed "auto-motorcycle" riding course or are interested in riding automatic-motorcycle. With experts' instructions, you will enjoy "in and trendy" riding!
* Note: The choices of training vehicle depend on student's interest and eligibility of licence classification.

Hong Kong Road

Basically flat road



Mountainous terrain

Continuously curved road

Post-Licence Riding Course

Type of student

Course I

Motorcycle driving licence holders

Course II

Graduates of Course I

Course III

Graduates of Course II
Type of training

Course I

vehicle Autotransmission 150c.c.
/250c.c. or
manual bike 125c.c./250c.c.

Course II

Auto bike 250c.c.
manual bike 250c.c.

Course III

Graduates of Course II
Course content (including 1
hour of theory class and 4 hours of driving practice)

6 special topics available for students to choose from:
(1) Driving on highway
(2) Tips for driving on raining day
(3) Traffice blackspot
(4) Accident handling procedures
(5) Broken-down handling procedures
(6) Driving-Offence Point (DOP) System

Course I

Day 1 (2 hours)

Proper maintenance techniques
Routine checks before driving
Balancing techniques On-road practice

Day 2 (2 hours)

Proper riding attidue
Highway riding practice

Course II

Day 1 (2 hours)

Braking technique
Techniques for controlling
different types of bike On-road practice (tunnel riding) 

Day 2 (2 hours)
Right road craft
Cornering techniques
Proper driving position
On-road practice (riding on moutainous road)

Course III

1 day (4 hours) 

Off-street maneuver with/without added weight
mechanism*: - Bumpy course
- Grarage turn Game practice: Kick start
- On-road maneuver with/without "added weight"

mechanisem* via: Cross harbour tunnel Mountainous terrain expressway

Game practice:
Trouble-shooting exercise

* The course is backed up with the "added weight" mechanisem special for motorcycle advanced training. It simulates "loading" riding to practise proper riding techniques for handling crises.
Training Route

Course I

Taipo, Sham Shui Po, Lai Chi Kok, Island Easterm Corridor, Shek O Road, The peak, New Territories Circular Road, Sheung Shui, Tai Po

Course II

Lion Rock Tunnel, Kowloon City, Wong Tai Sin, Western Crossing Harbour Tunnel, Eastern Crossing Harbout Tunnel, Hung Hom Tunnel, Tsuen Wan, Tai Mo Shan, Kwai Chung

Course III

Tai Po Road, Tai Lam Tunnel, Island Eastern Corridor, Hung Hom Tunnel, Western Crossing Tunnel, Eastern Crossing Harbout Tunnel, Shek O, Standley, Sai Kung
Location Shatin, Hong Kong Island, Yuen Long

For information and enrollment: 2866 6682   Registration by credit card is acceptable.