Driving Improvement Course

Waive 3 Driving-offence Points (DOPs)
As pioneer in road safety education, the Hong Kong School of Motoring is designated by the Transport Department to officially design and deliver the Driving Improvement Course to drivers of Hong Kong. The course aims at improving the driving attitude of road users and educating them the proper road safety concept. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, attendees are entitled to have 3 DOPs deducted from the total DOPs incurred. (The school will consolidate the course-end assessment result and submit together with the attendance records to Transport Department for processing and approval.)

Please click here to know more about the 'Notes to Participants of the Driving Improvement (DIC)' issued by the Commissioner for Transport. 
Course Highlights
  • Professionally Designed Course Structure: Course was designed in accordance with Transport Department's specified curriculum using the advantage of HKSM's many years of driver training experience. 
  • Start with Attitude Change: Clinical Psychologist was appointed as course consultant to ensure the course's emphasis on attendee feedback and participation as well as our focus on attitude change. 
  • Interactive Teaching Approach: Group discussions and sharing of individual driving experience etc. are employed to facilitate attendees' self-evaluation in a relaxing context and encourage attendees to proactively correct their driving attitude and increase their senses of responsibility. 
  • Qualified Professional Course Instructor: Most of the course instructors possess over 10 years of driver training experience and are accredited by the Transport Department under the Driver Improvement Scheme Trainer Training Program. 
  • Well Equipped Lecture Room: Multimedia teaching aids to increase attendees learning interest and improve effectiveness of course delivery. 
  • Convenient Location: Our Driving Improvement Centre is located in Mongkok, which is easily accessible by all means of transport.
Course Content
Total course duration is 8 hours: 4 hours each session. Attendees are required to complete the two sessions in 1 day. Upon full attendance of the course, attendees will be granted a Course Certificate* or Attendance Certificate.

Course Arrangement:

8:45 am: Start of registration
9:00 am: Start of lecture

Session I: 4 Modules
1. Driving-offence Points System
2. Driving and Stopping Distance with vehicle in front
3. Lane Changing & Junction Crossing 
4. Steps for Safe Overtaking

Session II: 3 Modules
5. Impact of Alcohol & Mental Conditions on Driving
6. Analysis the cause of accident
7. Driver's Conditions, Attitude and Awareness

A 30-minute assessment will be conducted at the end of the course.
* For attendees who successfully pass the assessment.

Medium of Teaching: Cantonese, Mandarin or English.
Course Venue
Room 722, Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok (Junction of Soy Street)


MTR & East Rail:
MTR Mongkok Station - Exit E2
(Bank Centre East Rail Mongkok Station - Exit B

Nearby Bus Stop:

To enroll, please bring along your ID Card and valid driving licence and visit any of our enrolment centers, Road Safety Centers, or contact our service hotline: 2384 8301

Waiver of Service Charges# for DOPs Record Checking
# Attendees are required to pay the fee to apply Certificate of Traffic Conviction Record